When companies look for a new manager or director to lead their company, aspects are identified within the search that can make a person stand out within the variety of profiles that headhunters receive.

If you want to be a potential candidate to win one of these positions, according to Jorge Matiz at Talengo, these are some skills that will make you stand out in order to generate different job opportunities.

Adaptability to change

At times when a company must face a crisis or a transformation , a leader must be able to face these changes in the most convenient way possible.

“There are those capable of adjusting to what the dynamics of the environment and the market are demanding today; usually those who resist are leaders framed in traditional management models, which may make it more difficult for them to carry out the changes demanded by the business with a view to seeing results in the medium or long term, ”said Jorge.

He adds, “it is feasible that this profile of leaders has the necessary experience, even so, they could be less effective when facing the unknown, while less experienced people, but more willing to adapt to the speed of change, have allowed to be deserving of positions of high demand and responsibility, given this condition. The ability to adapt is today a highly relevant value.”

Affinity with the organization and the team

There are different types of organizations as leaders in charge of them, that is why the nature of the company must be understood, how it works and the methods that serve or not for its productivity. Sofía Said, Consultant at Talengo, gives some tips on this subject:

  • Understand the organization as well as each member of the team.
  • Foster a close and empathetic communication style.
  • Build trust and credibility in your relationship at all levels.
  • Align expectations of what you expect from each of the people in your charge.
  • Ability to go beyond their role, contributing to the business from a strategic point of view, which enriches the way of doing things.

National and international mobility

An important factor that can arise in working life is to continue your professional work in a different place than where you live.

Although there are many people who are attracted to opportunities outside the country or in other cities that can enrich their job training, there are some barriers that can truncate these initiatives.

Family and cultural attachment can make these people rule out opportunities that would serve their professional development.

Sustainability in leadership

An important factor of a manager is that his leadership promotes sustainable changes for his company, working constantly and responsibly, generating good results and making other people grow within his team.

A leader is not established by his age, origin or gender, he is determined by knowing how to deviate from different circumstances, meeting the needs that the market requires, and having a vision of the future.

Speak other languages

Finally, headhunters find many profiles where the applicant does not speak a second language. This issue can become an inconvenience, since we live in a globalized world and speaking another language allows you to do business properly.

“It is ideal that managerial professionals can afford to talk about business properly and assertively communicate their ideas as action plans with fluency. A third language is desirable, but a second language, like English, is essential.”

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