We offer a global perspective that is industry-deep and market-wide

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Our deep expertise comes from extensive collaboration with sector leaders, and our high-caliber partners excel in finding and developing executive and non-executive leadership talent globally.

  • Board Advisory

    Our Board Review provides objective information for effective boards, minimizing intrusion while maximizing collective performance.

  • Executive Assessment

    Our proven psychometric assessments, biographical interviews, and tailored methodologies are shared and applied across diverse organizations.

  • Executive Search

    Our global community embraces diverse thinking to identify and present the best leadership talent through dedicated research and personalized engagement.

  • Leadership Services

    With decades of experience, we advise leaders on promoting principles in organizations globally. Our proven tools optimize candidate selection, team dynamics, and foster effective organizational cultures.

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It is essential to have a diverse window on the world in our interconnected economy and society. Panorama offers that


Chief Executive

Panorama's comprehensive and diverse network ensures a global view supported by outstanding resources and expertise


Corporate Officers

Our consistent challenge to ourselves is to ensure that clients are brought the best choice candidates and not the most obvious ones

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