About Us

Vetted Solutions is one of our American firms with an extensive roster of clients that has grown to include an expanding array of purpose-driven organizations. Their expertise focuses on placing Board Directors, Chief Executives, and mission-critical Senior Staff leaders in organizations spanning the Built Environment, Education, Financial Services, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Technology sectors. They have offices located in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Vetted Solutions was founded by James Zaniello, and today, it boasts more than a dozen experienced search professionals among its staff, many of whom also bring direct management experience within purpose-driven organizations, including associations and other nonprofits.

"Being part of Panorama’s community has helped us to have a global reach and to build a brand recognized for excellence in executive search and for leadership insights that contribute to building higher-performing organizations. The creativity and innovation we bring to each search are grounded in a proven approach that aligns executive talent with organizational strategy and direction," says Jim Zaniello, President and CEO of Vetted Solutions.