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Mayte Martinez

Conversaciones estratégicas: retos a futuro para el CEO

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Aidan Kennedy

Panorama Vision

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Henri Manner

Future of the Job Market in a post-Covid era

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A longa cadeia que compõe a indústria de alimentos vem registrando intensa movimentação em contratações e substituições de executivos do alto escalão.

Saiba mais nesse artigo escrito pelo Sócio Diretor da EXEC, André Freire.


World Alzheimer's Month is a time to recognize the impact of dementia but also to act to support those affected globally. We wear blue today in honour of World Alzheimer’s Day! @AlzCanada http://ow.ly/CHcl50BwGsv

#GoBlueforAlz #WorldAlzMonth #LetsTalkAboutDementia

How do effective leaders solve problems? After decades of working with leaders in #business, #nonprofit, and #policy, we’ve compiled 6 secrets to their success. Read on to find out more about these interconnected approaches. https://mck.co/3mBaZzr

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