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Marta Garcia-Valenzuela

No leadership without results, but not at any price

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Mayte Martinez

Conversaciones estratégicas: retos a futuro para el CEO

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Aidan Kennedy

Panorama Vision

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As a community we think broadly and share ideas widely

The experience of our partners and the expanse of industry knowledge is reflected in our diverse perspectives. We believe that by asking questions, sharing insights and highlighting experiences we can enhance and evolve the approach to leadership together. Here is a selection of Panorama perspectives. Please enjoy.


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Irene Coello Aller, manager at @TalengoINT, will invite us to an adventure every week, with an exact duration of 3 minutes 27 seconds, and the first one is ready. --- "Are we what we do and think? The challenge of coherence."

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Talengo INT@TalengoINT

Empezamos con el primer artículo de la campaña de Irene Coello, manager en @TalengoINT 3 minutos 27 segundos “¿Somos lo que hacemos y pensamos? El reto de la coherencia”.

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