The origins of Panorama was not in mission statements, corporate strategy or the pursuit of greater profits, but in values and in relationships. A group of the foremost leaders in executive search and leadership services from around the world came together because they wanted to share their expertise, their learning, their ideas and their diverse perspectives and approaches regarding the leadership challenges their clients were facing. Crucially they also came together because they truly enjoyed working with each other. Openness, enthusiasm, comfort with diversity of perspective and trust, lay at the heart of our founding values. Fast forward to today and we may be exponentially larger and even more global, but that central ethos and sense of community within Panorama, has not changed.

Panorama is more than the sum of its partner firms or its geographic presence, industry experience or domain expertise. Our open culture of collaboration, fosters and encourages our 400+ leadership experts across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific to innovate and think differently in meeting our client’s leadership needs. We focus on quality over profits, bringing bespoke thinking to each individual client’s needs while giving them access to the most rigorous processes and toolkits. We have such a tremendous level of experience and expertise in all our members around the world committed to developing leaders and leadership.

We celebrate the strength we see generated by the diversity of our own community and the power it gives to the perspectives, experience and expertise we share with our clients. It is this culture, bound to our commitment to excellence, to learning and to the relationships of trust we forge with our clients, that makes us the leadership adviser of choice.

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