About Us

Executive Access India stands as one of the largest and most successful search firms in India. With 27 years of experience, they have played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing the net worth of client organizations by cultivating exceptional leadership.

Executive Access India is deeply committed to values in all their endeavors. Their logo symbolizes the abundance of humanity, which has been a source of inspiration and has contributed to their standing as one of the most esteemed international search firms.

Their strength lies in their ability to operate both globally and locally. At its core, Executive Access is boutique-oriented, allowing them to provide clients and candidates with their full and undivided attention.

EA India is founded on four pillars: people, scientific methodology, unique relationships, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Agamjeet Dang, Chief Executive Officer of Executive Access India, articulates their experience as part of the Panorama Community, saying, "Being a part of the Panorama Community is akin to participating in a symphony orchestra. Each member firm brings its own unique expertise and perspective, but it is through collaboration and harmony that we create significant value for our clients and the world at large. Through Panorama, we leverage our strengths, enabling us to share best practices, access a broader talent pool, and offer our clients a more comprehensive service."