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Roy Herold
Consultant and Global Chair of Panorama

The right leadership will transform an organisation

Organisations work effectively and with purpose when they develop and nurture people and values, and move forward with a strategic vision and a focus on operational excellence. The best leaders look to identify and develop the next generation to follow them and embrace diversity to its fullest extent.

Within our community, we have the decades of experience advising leaders on how to promote and embed these principles in new, growing and established organisations across multiple global markets. We can share proprietary tools and methodologies which are proven to identify, analyse and evaluate the best individual candidates, optimise team dynamics and deliver innovative approaches to drive effective organisational cultures.


We all want the best possible start for a new senior leader when they join or succeed to a new position in an organisation.  This is a critical juncture and will set a tone and plan for how they move forward in the new role. Event with the best intention, experience and knowledge, this is not always as seamless as might be hoped.

Using our developed methodologies we work with our clients to support leaders adapt to their new roles. Our tailored approach enables us to develop an individual or team’s understanding of the organisation and its culture; how to present themselves and how to generate impact from the start; as well as their understanding of how they are perceived by others. This provides a supportive, learning environment that is geared to maximising success for the new appointment(s).

Every element of the service is bespoke and designed to support the individual or team’s needs, in order to deliver the very best results.


When it comes to leadership, change is constant and challenging. It is therefore imperative for leaders irrespective of the size, location or market focus of their organisation to embrace a growth mindset – continuously reviewing, developing and working to enhance performance. Many of our partners specialise in coaching at executive and non-executive level to ensure that each leader and each organisation is considered as they should be – as individual and unique. From this our strategic approach, consulting and any required interventions are developed and delivered accordingly.

Team Development

The nature of team dynamics is changing. Increasingly organisations are moving away from long term, static teams to adaptive groups, designed to the particular demands of their organisation, at that time.

The evidence shows that those organisations which can achieve the strongest and most diverse collaborative team dynamic at executive and Board level create more attractive and effective professional environments and typically outperform competitors. However, the cohesion and collaboration does not always come naturally, and it is vitally important that every individual is considered for the part they play in the team.

We have the expertise and best quality thinking to help clients develop the most adaptable senior leadership teams with proven methods of delivery. We work with clients to review and analyse leadership teams to understand style, dynamics and personalities alongside organisational strategic objectives and goals.  The approach is specific to every team we work with always takes into consideration its foundation, structure and roles within it.

Talent Mapping

The importance of benchmarking the talent that exists within an organisation in comparison to the market can be hugely valuable when considering and planning for new leadership roles.  We can assess the competitive landscape, across comparative and diverging markets and organisations and consider carefully the existing and emerging talent on your behalf. This can be achieved at an international or domestic level and can be calibrated against clear objectives such as diversity, additional sectoral experience, crisis skills and cultural or digital innovation capabilities.

Succession Planning

The environment and requirements of succession planning are constantly evolving.  Our partners have extensive track record in advising Boards on effective succession planning across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, as well as with many family or alternatively owned businesses. Our combination of extensive advisory experience in the space, alongside our bespoke assessment tools continues to deliver successful results when succession planning for clients across the globe.

Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership

Few organisations can have a sustainable future without embracing their digital transformation and having an effective digital strategy to meet the increasing pace of change they face. Meanwhile, accelerated by Covid 19, digital and virtual collaboration is reshaping in organisations across the world. This is creating new challenges and opportunities for organisational cultural evolution and demands new ways of leading, innovating and supporting colleagues and customers.

Within Panorama we support and advise senior executives and non-executives across the globe to help them adapt effectively and lead more robustly across these environments. We help them to embrace and encourage innovation, support cultural evolution and help to transform mindsets. The areas we advise across include:

Diagnosis: We have the tools to examine the current level of digital strength of an organisation, assessing the behaviours associated with an agile culture, and the identification of professionals whose competency profile best suits the new skills desired by the organisation. With tis we can advise you on the creation of an actionable and time-bound roadmap.

Culture: The cultural implications across a digitally-led environment are specific to your organisation and need to be considered as such. As digital culture becomes firmly embedded in organisations across the world, it is vitally important that the real and clear requirements for developing people are considered. We can work with you to develop the awareness, training and development that can assist this cultural adaptation, particularly amongst your senior leadership as drivers of change and innovation with respect to new processes and technologies.

Systems: In a digitally-led environment the adoption of systems and policies requires leadership which is agile, innovative and collaborative, and the ability to develop strategy within this environment. We work with you to propose models aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives, which can provide feedback and evaluate performance in real time, continuously and across multiple areas.

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