Board Advisory

Our collaborative approach to Board Advisory brings the latest thinking to evaluations, assessments and reviews to Chairs across the world

Stephen Bampfylde
Head of Global Board

The effective operation of a Board is under more scrutiny than ever.

With corporate governance a regular feature of shareholder, regulatory and public interest, there is significantly increased pressure on boards to deliver across profit, public and non-profit environments. Access to the right advice, objectively shared information and detailed analysis of board make up, collectively and individually, can make a significant difference between an adequate and high-performing Board.

Board Review

Based on years of experience in assessing senior executives and organisations of all sizes and shapes, we have developed a corporate Board Review which give chairs the objective information they need to run an effective board – with the lowest possible intrusion. Our Board Review is structured around detailed discussions with all Board members about how their Board can best develop its collective performance.

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