Currently, LinkedIn has been the primary tool for searching and analyzing professionals by headhunters and recruiters, as the network has become a public database, which the users themselves automatically update.

Throughout the selection process, headhunters visit hundreds of profiles on LinkedIn and therefore, those who want to be noticed need to keep in mind that the recruiter’s priority is to understand what the person has pursued as a career and whether it is possible to have a match with the position for which he is looking for a professional.

During this process, a detailed analysis is carried out, and the person’s profile says a lot about who they are professionally. This study ranges from small details such as personalized URLs to strategic topics such as the results obtained.

Rodrigo Forte, a headhunter specialist in leadership and co-founding partner of EXEC – a Brazilian consultancy specializing in Executive Search, says he misses delivery summaries on LinkedIn.

“We don’t pay attention only to the list of responsibilities in the companies that the person has worked with, but what she achieved and delivered on her journey”, he explains. “To get an idea of ​​how important this social network is for good opportunities, we have more than 60 people focused on LinkedIn every day, and the priority is always to check profiles that have good exposed materials that are up-to-date and well-made”, he says.

According to the expert, the network – also used as social media – is an essential tool for interpersonal relationships that even help to receive job opportunities.

“I always suggest that people follow their network of connections, keeping in mind that it is important to be seen and remembered by creating posts with specific content in their area of ​​expertise. Even actions such as congratulating colleagues for moving and materials is also a way to promote yourself in networking, ” Says Rodrigo Forte.

Based on Rodrigo’s interview, we have listed some fundamental tips regarding basic profile settings and better tool use to increase visibility and more significant opportunities. Check it out below!

Edit the URL
with your name to make it easier to include in filtered searches and be found while still conveying a professional and attention-to-detail image;

Fill the tagline
with your specialities, always divided and organized by category. That way, headhunters and recruiters can get a quick idea of ​​what you do and match it to the position they’re working on;

In ‘About’
include hashtags in the description; come up with a suitable title. The more specifications they have included in the title, the greater the account’s reach. The data must be updated according to interest and professional development. Formation and location can also draw attention and result in more hits. As with the title, for the description, it is essential to containing detailed data, but this time with more information related to the trajectory and objectives. It is also good to use keywords according to the area of ​​expertise;

Contact information
Not necessarily the best opportunities knock at your door when you are looking, and through LinkedIn, you can be approached by headhunters at any time, so always be aware. And be careful because the vast majority of people end up putting their email and don’t always check it often. “There is always a break, we map 100 profiles, and there are 30% with whom we cannot speak, and when we search LinkedIn, we do not find contact information. Therefore it is essential to leave some contact available. Bearing in mind that there is a timing of the process at these times”, says the expert.

Use profile photo
to define your profile photo, seek to expose professionalism, consider and analyze how you – an individual – want to present yourself in the corporate world and tell this. Look for an individual photo with a non-obtrusive background so that you are the highlight. The picture must convey the image you want to convey to the market.

include a summary of activities, responsibilities and data on achievements and results obtained by you, always in percentages and in a way that does not expose confidential company data. Data on achievements along your journey are relevant information that draws the attention of every headhunter. “Understand that this is not just describing responsibilities and activities, but especially including key deliverables and data relating to achievements (including numerical data).

throughout your profile, from the tagline to the experiences, work in a contextualized way with keywords from your branch/activities, preferably expressions and compound jargon. “When the recruiter searches, he always has the keywords to put in the search and find the professional. So try to compose your LinkedIn according to your área of acting and career goals”.

Use LinkedIn also as a social network,
as it is an essential tool for interpersonal relationships. It is important to be seen and remembered through posts with specific content in your area of ​​expertise; it is also worth congratulating colleagues for their moves and publishing relevant materials, all of which help to update networking, in addition to, obviously, increasing the chances of receiving job opportunities. Always answer the recruiter, even if it is to say that you are not interested and leave the communication channel open.

In the case of essential and specific milestones, creating a publication to expand the reach and support your networking is interesting. Make tangible what you’ve done with a few sentences and percentages of results obtained. Tip to summarize your achievements: use bullet points.

Try to be active,
publish and comment on other connections’ materials. Publications can be made about the work you are doing, personal stories that have to do with the desired area. Reports on experiences such as volunteering, exchanges or academic career can also be made;

Original Material From EXEC – our members from Brazil

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