Higher Education

Higher Education across the globe continues to evolve rapidly, from the changing expectations and needs of students, to the substantial evolution of educational delivery and significant funding challenges

Sean Davies
Head of Global Higher Education

Where the future of society is nurtured

Across local and global communities, higher education is a fundamental part of society, feeding into their respective economic and cultural prosperity.

Our global higher education practice is steeped in experience and expertise supporting a varied range of institutions ranging from elite universities to private and publicly owned institutions, the many organisations which serve them and the innovators driving change within the sector.

Executive Search for Higher Education

Panorama has global reach and established relationships with the sector leaders across an international and diverse talent pool.  We have the experience and tools to find, assess and develop the best executive and board leaders and leadership teams across our global and local Higher Education communities. Our approach to leadership services is well proven to support the evolution of leaders in this sector as they navigate an increasingly complex educational landscape.


We are proud to have partnered with many of the world’s top 20 universities and Higher Education institutions in the appointment and development of their leadership teams

Our areas of expertise

  • Alternative providers
  • Commercial education
  • Edtech
  • Research organisations
  • Specialist institutions
  • Universities

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Our work

Queens University Belfast

Head of the Clinton Institute and Executive Director of Executive Education

University College London

Appointment of Chair of Council

University of Bath

Appointment of Dean, School of Management

University of Ottawa

Appointment of President & Vice-Chancellor


Appointment of Vice Chancellor