Financial Services

Both the challenges and opportunities for the financial services sector is considerable. Having the right leadership supported by executive and non-executive teams will define success

Carrie Hobson
Co-Head of Global Financial Services
New Zealand

Leadership in the financial sector has become considerably higher profile in the past decade

Organisations are held to greater scrutiny by customers, shareholders, regulators and investors alike. The sector has embraced digital innovation and met the regulatory and risk challenges with a tenacity now being held up as an exemplar to other sectors in many parts of the world, while competition in banking, insurance and diversified financial services firms, enabled by new technologies is further transforming the sector.

Executive Search for Financial Services

With specific niches of expertise, Panorama has developed an excellent track record of helping financial services organisations find the best calibre of leaders and build strong multidisciplinary c-suite teams.

Our areas of expertise

  • Banking
  • Diversified Financial Services
  • Fintech
  • Insurance
  • Regulators

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