It is essential to have a diverse window on the world in our interconnected economy and society. Panorama offers that

Krista Walochik

Board Executive Search

With responsibility for the strategic direction of some of the most significant organisations in the world, the appointment of the best Chairs and non-executives requires experience, knowledge and informed research. As governance models flex to the demands of the organisational environment and true diversity in the widest sense is increasingly sought, analysis of the multi-layered components that make up a strong non executive has come under increasing scrutiny as has the drivers of strong Board performance.

Our deep experience and understanding of governance complexity across many geographies allows us to identify talent as well as assess, review and support Boards in maximising their impact for their organisations, whether they be commercial, public sector or in civil society.

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Panorama is a community built upon diversity. Our people bring diverse opinions which reflect a diverse group of cultures, societies, geographies and industries. This commitment and belief in diversity is at the heart of the work which we undertake and the leaders we identify, advise and support.

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