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We have tools at our fingertips, we could not have dreamt of a few years ago. However, it is easy to forget the customer journey. Something that evolves from us. Wanting to make a difference. This is my main focus

Pouline did not become an entrepreneur. She already was, right from the very early days when she was still a child, pursuing business opportunities, offering services the market lacked, has always been a driver for her.

Working with family-owned businesses in Executive Search, is an obvious thing for Pouline, understanding the things that especially drive this kind of companies to success. The agility, the creativity, the high level of knowledge also in the management, are elements Pouline is used to focusing on from her own companies.

Pouline has used her insights in building successful companies, all centred around two things: the right people, and the right level of automation. Focus is on creating an unforgettable customer journey, a good experience and uncompromised quality.

She has started many initiatives based on this philosophy, among others a Christmas service, delivering gifts long before we had the parcel infrastructure we are used to today.

Pouline also built an all-inclusive office hotel and 24/7 telephone service business, assisting large companies in offering their customers first class service and support – both when we are talking about electrical car sharing or supporting COVID pandemic test centres.

Today, she is Partner in Mangaard & Partners Executive Search, putting an emphasis on family-owned businesses, and pursuing the benefits of embracing new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Besides her activities at in Mangaard & Partners Executive Search, Pouline is involved in various Board Memberships, mainly in SMEs and non-profit organisations.